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About Us

About us : Rosskinfoods is a natural skincare brand. We formulate rich skin loving food for healthier skin and skin problems.

Our products are specially crafted for the African skin.

Hey! I’m Rossie, a cosmetic formulator and a skincare junkie.

I’m a natural beauty enthusiast, a beauty blogger, graphic designer, and computer analyst.

I am passionate about skincare and for all things artistic.

I also strive to create content that is educational and entertaining as well.

Rosskinfoods is the ONLY natural skincare brand that provides natural custom-made organic skincare products for all skin types and colors.


Our mission is to ensure the complete satisfaction and well-being of our customers.

Formulating high-performance safe cosmeceutical beauty products and promoting innovation, maximum efficiency, competitiveness, and social responsibility.

We want to be among clean beauty cosmetics, so you can feel safe and choose the perfect products for your skin type.

About us

ROSSKINFOOD was founded out of a passion for natural skincare to help people with skin concerns get back their normal beautiful skin.

We formulate skin treatment products for skin concerns like:

acne, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation of the skin, bleached or damaged skin, dark spots, dull skin, sunburn, and stretch marks.

These skin issues can be very demoralizing leading to low self-esteem.

Our skin care products help repair your skin, treat skin issues, boost skin and self–confidence without the risk of chemical products.


  • Our vision is to establish a standard cosmeceutical skincare production company in Nigeria.
  • The main goal is to merge the idea of creating natural rich skin food products with high-performance only using nature’s own purest ingredients.
  • We only use ingredients that are beneficial to the skin nothing else or any harsh chemicals have been added.
  • To help our customers restore self-esteem.
  • Become a reputable beauty brand known for skin treatment concerns.
  • Be an obvious choice of skincare products for our customers.
  • Healthy products for healthier skin.



…….. Restoring Skin & Self Confidence” – Rosemary Filani!





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