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Author: Rosemary Filani

enlarged pores

Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores are one major challenge for oily skin types. This is because their skin secretes more than enough sebum that is needed for lubrication. Their skin pores become visible with large holes in the skin. I know you want that baby’s velvety skin, that is so smooth and plump. Enlarges are not gender-specific. It …

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Blemishes: the types, causes and remedies

What are the Causes of Hyperpigmentation

Common causes of hyperpigmentation are caused by harsh environmental, medical, genetics or hormonal imbalance factors. This leads to age spot, sun spot, malesma, liver spot. You know if you have hypigmentations because the area of your skin discolourises and look different from your ideal complexion compared to other parts of your body. What’s hypigmentation? Hyperpigmentation …

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Herbs for eczema

Herbs for Eczema

Herbs for eczema are plant extracts such as leaves, roots, powder used for curing eczema. Examples of herbs like neem, bitter leaf, cinanmon, garlic, peppermint that are effective for eczema and acne because they have antibacterial and antiflammatory properties. Eczema (contact dermatis) Eczema is a skin condition with inflammed skin that irritates, causes itchiness, dry …

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