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The best natural toners are toners made from plant extract because they offer the skin plenty benefits. Best natural toners hydrates the skin, tones the skin, relieves sun damages.

The best natural toners has abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to promote a healthy skin.

Facial Toners

In skincare regimen, facial toners are one part of skincare beauty routine for a healthy skin.

Often times most women don’t practice good skincare regimen may be because of time factor, laziness or affordability of good skincare products.

Types of natural toners

1. hibiscus toners

2. Green tea toners

3. Cucumber toners

4. Flora toners

5. Aha /BHA toners

6. Neem toners

7. Apple cider vinegar toners


One beauty secret of a beautiful skin is patience and consistency of good skincare regime.

I know you’ve come across women with beautiful and flawless skin and you keeping wondering how they acheive it-skincare regime is the key!

Aging skin

As you age, your collagen which is responsible for skin elasticity begins to degrade little by little but those who know their onions well can improve and work on their aging skin.

Collagen boosting can be done by daily consumption of collagen supplements, use of collagen boosters skincare products, eating rich food, regular intakes of fruits and veggies can make you look youthful even when your age doesn’t seem it.


Our environment is full of toxins which affects the quality of your skin, which makes it difficult to have a healthy skin but with products like natural toners will go a long way.

This is why exfoliating your skin becomes very necessary. There is the need to exfoliate, cleanse and tone your skin.

Considering this dire need to replenish the skin. Many companies have started producing toners from natural ingredients to making the best natural toners for all skin types.

Caring for your skin requires you understanding your skin type and using skincare products that are good and suitable for you.

What does toners do for your face?

Toners are stay in or leave in facial products used to provide hydration, moisture after a face wash.

They are meant to balance your skin pH levels after washing with soap.

It serves as a toning tonic for promoting even tone skin.

Natural toners improves skin texture over time.

They deep cleanses the skin.

How do you apply a face toner?

A toner can be applied with the aid of a cotton pad or wool.

Dip your cotton pad in your toner, and apply on your washed face  by rubbing gently all over your face.

You can also apply a face toner by direct spraying it on your face via the help of spray bottles.

What is the safest toners?

The best and safest natural toners does not contain alcohols, or any harsh ingredients that will dry your skin after use.

We have rich natural toners like balancing green tea toner (BHA toners) from Rosskinfoods balancing toner

Best Natural toners

Some unsafe skincare products can expose kin to sunburns, skin reactions, acne, stretch marks, green veins, bleached skin and white spot on your skin, if you don’t take caution.

Tender Loving Care for your skin

Most common skincare practice among women is daily moisturizing of their skin and it ends there.

But honestly speaking, there is more to do than just moisturizers. Your skin love to be pampered, so do what is right for your skin.

There’s one skin care product you should be using to help your daily regime be less of a chore.

Face toner-best natural toners is essential to prepping your skin for a serum and moisturizer. Talk about that for a heavy-lifting beauty product.

Skincare practice includes; face wash, exfoliation, facial toners, facial mask, cleanser, serum and moisturizers.

You can occasionally visit a spa for facials and body treatment if you can afford one.

Benefits Natural Toners for the skin

Here are the benefits of a natural toner, as well as the best natural toners to help you jump start your skin care routine.

Cleanses your skin

Dab a ball of cotton in a toner to help sweep away leftover cleanser, oil, grime, and makeup that you are left behind. Removing excess oil and other gunk is essential to preventing clogged pores that can lead to acne.

Balances your skin

Toners help to balance and stabilize your skin PH. Did you know that your skin is slightly acidic?

The mixture of sebum and sweat forms your skin’s acid mantle. The mixture helps repel bacteria and pollution, as well as keep water from escaping your skin.

Tightens the pores

Natural ingredients like witch hazel and rosewater have astringent properties. That means they help tighten pores for a smoother complexion and more even skin tone.

Toner is a must-have for anyone fighting the appearance of enlarged pores mostly common with oily skin type.


Toner is water-based solution which helps to hydrate your skin for a glowing complexion.

Moisturizer is oil-based to keep that water from evaporating. Every skin type needs hydration to keep signs of aging at bay, while oily skin types might need less moisturizing.

Why choose a natural toner?

You stand to gain a lot from maximizing the benefits of a toner as part of your daily skincare routine.

Toner keeps your whole skin care routine together by keeping your skin in balance. Harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients are more likely to interfere with this delicate PH balancing of your skin.

They have no place on your precious skin, so choosing the best natural toner is the way to go.

Plant ingredients such as witch hazel, chamomile and floral hydrosols are perfect for rebalancing skin and you feel good.

How to make natural toners

Camphor and rose water toner

This has therapeutic and medicinal properties, and very good for treating skin problems.

camphor is among the oldest ingredient used to cure skin issues.  It great for skin relieve and soothing and make it less susceptible to acne and pimple.

Rose water on the other hand is another cooling agent that has anti-bacterial and hydrating properties that are suitable for all skin types.

Mixtures of these two components make an excellent toner that help soothe your skin after a rough day. The mixture open your skin pores and reduces the secretion sebum and excess oil from the skin.


Take some rose water and add some chunk of camphor, set aside to fully dissolve completely. Shake well before use so as to incorporate well. Store in a clean bottle, dab with a cotton ball and apply on your skin.

Chamomile tea toner

This contain rich antioxidants and a bleach agent, which tones and soothes the skin. It a natural moisturizer and helps in tightening your skin pores and lightens your skin complexion.

This is very suitable for treating dry skin, which causes itching and irritation leaving it all patchy. This traditional medicinal component also helps in protecting you from sunburns.

This golden colored herbal tea is not only tasty and healthy, but it is great for curing your skin ailments.

You could use the chamomile tea leaves or flowers as both of them are equally beneficial for your skin.


Boil about 100 milliliter of water and add one chamomile tea bag in the boiling water and let it extract the color of the tea for at least five minutes.

Let it cool down and then apply this tea soaked water on your face and neck with a cotton ball and let it soak into the skin pore for about 20 minutes and wash it off with tap water.

You can add this to your daily regime to get the best results.

Cucumber and curd toner

Cucumber is known to provide hydration and a cooling effect to the body as well as skin. It reduces swelling, stress and redness caused by excessive sunburn.

Due to the presence of antioxidants and silica, cucumber makes an excellent source of curing dark circles.

It firms and tightens open pores. Improves the skin complexion. While curds is also known to lighten your skin tone and ward off fine lines and wrinkles on the face due to aging and mature skin.


Extract your cucumber juice and pour in a clean bowl, add 2-3 tablespoons of unflavored sour curd to the cucumber juice and stir properly.

Dab it with the curd to apply it on your face and neck. Ensure that you apply the toner in anti-clock wise circles to give it a better effect. Once you are done applying, wait for at least 10 minutes, rinse out with lukewarm water.

Apple cider vinegar toner

ACV is acidic liquor and a wonderful ingredient when it comes to supplying multiple benefits to the skin.

This helps restore and balance the natural pH level of the skin, enhancing the overall complexion.

It removes dead skin cells, suntan and shrink skin pores. The vinegar is loaded with lots of vitamins, acetic acid, malic acid, and citric acid, making it a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.

Rose water and witch hazel

Rose water is an anti-inflammatory that’s perfect for soothing sensitive skin. It’s lightweight but helps to tighten pores for smoother, softer skin.

Antioxidants in witch hazel make it an effective astringent (reduces pore size). Its antibacterial properties make it a great toner for oily or acne-prone skin.


Mix half cup witch hazel to half cup of rose water in a jar or spray bottle. spray or apply on a cotton ball and dab on your skin.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate the skin and enhances  absorption of nutrients  into your skin cells, making it an essential step to kick off in your beauty skincare routine.

Green tea

This has wonder amazing skin benefits. Green tea is a healthy detox drink good for the body. So rich in antioxidants suitable for use as a natural face toner or astringent. Green tea has also been shown to reduce sebum production.

Fermented rice water

Korean beauty enthusiasts will know that rice water is well-loved for its beneficial vitamins and minerals that help shrink the appearance of pores, improves skin texture for a youthful look and brighten skin.

How to choose a natural toner?

A facial toner must be gentle, calming and effective on your skin. Except the exemption of astringents that may be harsh for sensitive skin because of irritations.

Natural toner formulas should be as delicate on your skin. That means steering clear of synthetic fragrances, parabens, drying alcohols, and PEG compounds that can irritate your skin.

When shopping for your facial toner, go for toners made with natural ingredients.

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