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Blemishes: The types, causes and remedies

Skin Blemishes

Blemishes: the types, causes and remedies for the skin can be caused by so many factors.

Blemishes are skin discolouration, pigmentation, flaws, patches, scars, dark spot that appears on your skin different from your natural skin tone.

Blemishes: the types, causes and remedies

Blemish Free

Everyone want a flawless skin, with no blemishes. But we can’t completely deny having blemishes one time or the other, most times beyond our control. This is why you need to understand blemishes: the types,  causes and remedies.

Causes of blemishes on skin

Over exposure to sun

Too much sun light can tan your skin, give you sun burns. In addition, if you use any topical products that is recommended for night use in the day time and get expose to the sun, you may get hypigmentation and discoloration of the skin.


Acne after healing, may leave acne scars. However, only few people are lucky with acne that doesn’t leave scars on their skin.

Discolouration by corosive acids/ chemicals

Whenever your skin comes in contact with any corossive agents, chemicals, this may leads to skin blemish.

Side effect from certain medication
Cetains drugs over the counter or prescribed by your doctor may blemish your skin as a side effects on patients. Those with sensitive skin maybe at a disadvantaged.


Pregnancy comes with so much body changes due to hormomal changes, likewise, result in skin blemish such as Melasma for some during their pregnancy until they birth their babies.


You can sustain injuries from accidents, falling down. Wounds takes time to heals and after healing, subsequently leads to scars. This scars discolour your skin in the affected areas because your melanin is super active there.

Hot bath

Hot water, oil or an acid bath can disfigure your skin. Most times during and after the healing processes you will notice blemishes from that bad experience.


This discolouration of the skin, appears mostly as brown skin patches that dents your body. Melasma is common with pregnant women.


A skin concern that discolour your skin. Psoriasis leads to skin blemishes until it is treated.

Birth marks

Many people have birthmarks immediately they are born. While some may have few spot in some parts of their bodies, there are some persons with a lot of them.


You may suffer an allergy from foods, plants, agents or something else. But allergies have a way of blemishing your skin when it begin to react negatively.

Insect bites

Mosquito, electric flies, bed bugs. When you are bitten by insects, your skin turns eed, becomes inflamed and may lead to itchy and after healing turns dark spot, brow spot on your skin.


AIDs, Measles, Chicken pox. These ailment leaves skin discolouration that aren’t good on yoir skin. Most times it affects every parts of the bidy from head to toe.

Bad skincare products

Topical bad products can either irritates, inflame yoir skin causing skin blemishes. Most skin bleaching products nevers gives an even skin tone. Your skin becomes ugly, some areas may appear fairer than other parts of your body.

Skin burns

Burns causes blemishes on your skin. Burns can be incurred from hot substances, spice, soaps and creams.

Types of Blemishes

We have discussed blemishes, now we want to see the types, causes and remedies as you continue to read.

1. Acne scars
2. Hyperpigmentation
3. Melasma
4. Ingrown hair
5. Birthmarks
6. Age spot
7. Brown spot
8. Skin cancer
9. Rashes
10. Cold sores
11. Blackheads
12. Cyst

Remedies of Blemishes

Kojic acid

Kojic acid or kojic dipalmitate is a depigmenting agents that helps fades any skin dicoloration of any kind over a period of time.

Vitamin C

Citrius family are by products of vitamin C. This is a power house of antioxidant. The healing property clears up blemishes on skin.


Honey has the ability to heals wounds, burns, scars and fades blemishes due to it anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

Aloe vera

A natural moisturizer, that provides hydration to the skin. Aloe vera gel has a cooling effects when applied on the skin. It fades skin discoloration and blemishes and heals burns.

Organic mask

Face mask of tumeric, milk, honey treats blemishes on the skin very fast.


Is a natural bleaching agents that fades skin discolouration of any type.


Because of depigmenting ability, mulberry extract is commonly used to produce skincare products for dark spot removal and uneven skin.


It bleaches the skin when used consistently and so can be used to fades blemishes.


Rich in vitamin C, removes age spot, brown spot, dark spot, hyperpigmentation.

Baking soda

Exfoliating with baking soda on blemishes, helps fades skin discoloration easily at home.


Tumeric is an antibacterial and anti imflammatory for treating skin concern especially for acne and acne scars because of curcumin.


Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A. This contain rich antioxidants for fading blemishes, fighting wrinkles. A good anti aging source.


2% hydroquinone can be used to treat stubborn blemishes or discolouration that refuses to fade out. But you mist be cateful and mindful how you use it so it doesn’t damage your skin.

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