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Hyperpigmentation : melasma

Hyperpigmentation and melasma is caused by sun damage while melasma is due to hormonalHormonal changes in women during pregnancy. What is hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition where there’s a slight change or deviation from your normal skin tone to a darker and uneven skin tone. Skin This is essentially the overproduction of melanin on …

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Best Natural Toners

The best natural toners are toners made from plant extract because they offer the skin plenty benefits. Best natural toners hydrates the skin, tones the skin, relieves sun damages. The best natural toners has abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to promote a healthy skin. Facial Toners In skincare regimen, facial toners are one part …

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Best stretch mark removal

Best Stretch Mark Removal

Best stretch mark removal like creams, pills, and laser treatments that guarantees permanent stretch mark removal are scarce and expensive. Stretch marks (Striae) is a heartache for many women. This often occur when the skin has been stretched beyond limits. This happens because of puberty, pregnancy, weight loss, or side effects from certain medications and …

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Aphrodisiac: Tigernut

Natural Aphrodisiac in Nigeria

Natural Aphrodisiac in Nigeria are natural  food and fruits used in making libido booster recipes. Natural aphrodisiacs drinks are smoothies and pap infused foods.  We have rich Aphrodisiac drinks and foods both for female and males boosting of their libido.  Aphrodisiac fruits in Nigeria Watermelon for libido This fleshy red fruit is water fountain. It …

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Best food supplement

Food supplements

Food supplements are dietary food and pills produced to argument the shortage, insufficiency or lack of essential nutrients in the body.  Aging comes with depreciation of body vitals, this is why you need food supplements to keep you looking younger, strong and beautiful.  The idea of choosing  food supplements, is to deliver body essentials to …

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