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Best Facials: Clay Mask for Face

Face mask

Facials isn’t complete without Clay mask for the face. It is one of the must-have every woman  should invest in,  to improve her skin texture.

A lady doesn’t joke with her face because this is her first selling point.

Women invest so much for makeups and face care kits to up her game when it comes to beauty and looking good.

Beautiful skin

We are so mindful about our looks and how beautiful we want to be. We want to be desiring and attractive 24/7 with or without makeup. 

This is why the skincare industry have a special category for face care.

The spas are not relenting either, they have put everything in place to pamper the client’s face and body.

There so many facials procedures done by an esthestician. From facial steaming, to extraction, to microblading and macroneedling etc.


The facial care products are so numerous and ranges from different brands, those known famous brands as well as the new up coming small brands.

 DIYS Skincare Ingredients

Even DIYS aren’t left out, natural skincare has provided kitchen ingredient that can come to our rescue when we are threatened with skin concerns.


The likes of tumeric, lemons,  neem, green tea, sugar grains, milk, eggs can be used to form a DIY combo to treat acne, dark spot, eczema among others skin problems.

What products do you need for a facial?

Comestic brands have facial products such as face clay/mud mask, exfoliating scrubs, face serum, face lotions, face oils, face wash, toners, miscellar water, cleansers that are packed into face care for making your skin look flawless and spotless too.


Today we will be talking about clay mask for the face.

Best Clay Mask

Naturally we have different types of clays. We have the bentonite clay, koalin clay, indian clay, pink clays, green clay etc.


Clay mask for face

Clay mask for the face has declogging, detoxifying and clarifying properties, that improves your skin texture, tightens your pores consistency.



They are also used in the formulations of over the counter face bar soaps. This enhances the cleasing ability of the soap too.


Clay mask are most suitable for acne skin, oily prones skin types and also good bet for other skin types.


Facials procedures isn’t complete without clay mask for the face. They have so many  benefit for the face.

Benefits of Clay Mask for Face

Those with enlarged pores can maximize clay mask for their face,  as it helps tightens and deep cleanse their pores.


It can purify and detoxify your skin and removes excess sebum.


The oily skin is known for too much oil secretion and so your face tends to grease and shine often. With clay mask, it will reduce too much shine on your face.


Clay mask for facials treats and prevent acne break out.


It improves your skin texture.


If you have pus filled acne and pimple, you need to start using clay mask because this will help miniminise acne break out as well clarifying your skin.


The benefits of clay mask can be seen in hair products. Clay mask are used to mask hair for deeper cleansing of the scalp from dirt and trapped oils.


How to use clay mask for the face.

Choose any of your favorurite clay mask.You can get the best Clay Mask here at very affordable price.

Scoop one teaspoon of the clay mask powder in a clean bowel, add some honey or palm oil for hydration and little water to form a thick consistency.


Make sure it not too watery, so it won’t be runny on your face.


Wash your face and spread out to every areas of your face.


Allow to sit for 10-20 minutes until ot dries off.


Rinse off with clean water and seal up with your face moisturizer.


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