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Natural Aphrodisiac in Nigeria

Aphrodisiac: Tigernut

Natural Aphrodisiac in Nigeria are natural  food and fruits used in making libido booster recipes. Natural aphrodisiacs drinks are smoothies and pap infused foods. 

We have rich Aphrodisiac drinks and foods both for female and males boosting of their libido. 

Aphrodisiac fruits in Nigeria

Watermelon for libido

This fleshy red fruit is water fountain. It is the new Viagra because of its citrulline amino acid, which is good for the cardiovascular system and helps to relax the blood vessel that increases sex drive.

Coconut water for libido

The water from coconut contains electrolytes which aid in blood circulation.

It known facts that most drinks that athletes consume contain electrolytes. That is not all, it has the number of electrolytes as the one found in coconut.

Coconut water is rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium, which increases metabolism and, in turn, helps it go down in the bedroom.  it is a super booster and helps circulation, and energy which helps with a climax.

Banana for libido

This sweet fruit makes your genital sweet and more sweeter. It is no surprise that there are conspiracy theories on how the banana fruit takes after the shape of a man’s genitals.

Banana contains bromelain that triggers testosterone production.

It is Recommended for people who have erectile dysfunction, and vaginess dryness.

It is also something to look into if you want healthy semen and also want to increase your energy level

Garlic for libido

This is more of a spice than a fruit. We think about the unpleasant smell and that makes us want to stay away.

But do you know that garlic stirs up your libido? If you feel you can’t handle the natural garlic, you can go for the supplements.

Tigernut for libido

This is no more a secret libido booster. Tiger nuts is rich in vitamins and minerals.

When extracted from nuts produces a milky juices, that’s so tasty and good for the body. Quite a number of Nigerians are familiar with the benefits of tiger nut.

Besides boosting the libido, treat erectile dysfunction, increase sperm count, you are in for a fibre treat.

If you are looking to be even more adventurous, try the amazing tiger nut drink.

A blended combination of coconut, tiger nut, clove and dates and share with your partner.

Dark chocolate for libido

They help in stimulating the production of serotonin and Dopamine which are called the “feel-good hormones”.

No wonder when lovers celebrate Valentine’s day or a special moment, chocolate always comes in handy to create a mood.

Strawberry for libido

When it comes to strawberry, it is a perfect fruit for seduction, even the taste sends a vibrant signal to the brain.

It is also enriched with minerals like Magnesium, Potassium and Folate including Vitamin C which is good for the production of estrogen.

To spice up things in the bedroom, use a strawberry with chocolate or champagne.

Goron Tula for libido

This is an Aphrodisiac fruit and food. It is an organic sexual wellness fruit from plant extracts such as fruits and nuts.

Ginseng for libido

Ginseng also improved sexual desire and arousal in both sexes, raising the possibility that ginseng could be the first known legitimate natural aphrodisiac.

Larger studies are needed, however. Ginseng likely works like Viagra in relaxing muscles and improving blood flow to the genital region.

Maca roots for libido

Maca has been used for centuries to enhance fertility and sex drive, and there’s research to back it up.

In a 2002 study , maca was proven to increase sexual desire in men, while a 2008 study showed it decreased sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women.

Fenugreek for libido

Fenugreek Increases Sexual Desire and Arousal in Women

The results showed a significant increase in sexual desire and arousal as well as a marked increase in sexual activity.

Dates for libido

They are excellent for boosting libido and to improve the quality of your sperm. A study has shown that eating dates can improve the count, the motility and DNA quality of the sperm.

It also increased the weights of the testis and epididymis

What should I eat to last longer in bed? 

L-arginine: The body converts L-citrulline to L-arginine, another amino acid that improves blood flow and builds protein.

Foods with L-arginine include:

red meat



Fruit high in L-citrulline include:


1. onions and garlic.

2. legumes and nuts.

3. salmon and red meat.

4. dark chocolate

Goron Tula also called Silky Kola

This is a unique fruit that caters to women’s sexual wellbeing.

Originating from the City of Tula in Northern Nigeria, regular consumption of this fruit will provide much needed sexual health benefits. 

It is a trusted and tested fruit, and very effective.

Directions for use – please soak in hot water for several minutes to soften first, as the fruit is dry when not in season originating from the City of Tula in Northern Nigeria.

The regular consumption of this fruit will provide much needed sexual health benefits.

 Natural Aphrodisiac 

Natural Aphrodisiac in Nigeria are foods that arouses sexual instinct, brings on desire, and increases sexual pleasure and performance. Our aphrodisiac products are both suitable for men and women.


  • Natural and proven aphrodisiac for women
  • Increases the female libido
  •  Helps to produce a lot of juicy vagina wetness naturally (no need for chemical lubricants)
  •  Helps to keep the vagina walls clean as a result of the wetness
  • Excellent for menopausal women who do not produce enough vagina wetness or do not desire sex
  • Aids fertility for women looking to conceive

Tiger nut

A common natural Aphrodisiac in Nigeria is the dry tiger nut that is soaked in water to soften before it is blended with ginger, cloves, coconut and other species.

Tigernut drink can be prepared at home easily, see tigernut drink recipe here

They’re used as aphrodisiacs in Ayurvedic medicine.

It is a highly recommended natural Aphrodisiac popular among Northern Nigerians.

In addition, men in Nigeria have used tiger nuts for generations to treat erectile dysfunction, increase sperm count and boost libido.

Aphrodisiac drinks in Nigeria

Natural Aphrodisiac in Nigeria have some rich libido booster natural drink that will transform your sexual activities such as 

Watermelon smoothies

Banana smoothies

Goron Tula shakes

Tigernut milk shakes

Avocado smoothies

Mix fruity salad

Dates and nuts granuola

Greek yogurt 

Nigeria Aphrodisiac herbs


Red ginseng

Kayan Mata herb

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