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Skin damage: How to Repair bleached skin

Skin damage: how to repair bleached skin

 Skin damage and how to repair a bleached skin is very worrisome.

It is caused by several factors but common with bleaching  creams, soaps and lotions.

Your skin tolerates a lot. There are so many triggers that can contribute to skin damage.

They often destroy the skin barriers,  up to the dermal and epidermal layer of the skin.

I’ll be sharing tips on skin damage and how to repair bleached skin, however,  you must know that it  cost so much to reapair and fix up a damaged skin.

Skin damage can come from constant use of bleaching creams contains harmful chemical compositions responsible for damaged skin. Cancer is another type of skin damage and are caused by external factors such as over exposure to UV rays, and bad chemical formulated cosmetic and skincare products.

Whatever distort your skin is a threat. Skin damage is often a result of bad creams formulated with harmful chemicals.

These chemicals inhibit your color pigment called melanin and start bleaching your skin.

Low self esteem

Skin damage

The truth is low self-esteem has made many persons give in to bleaching creams to become fairer because they feel the lighter their skin tone the more beautiful they become.

In the quest for beauty, they damaged their skin with bleaching creams.

These bleaching creams are most times very cheap and affordable, quick actions.

Triple action creams available in the market give a kind of satisfaction to their customer with whatever skin tone they desire.

They fail to consider the aftermaths or the consequences of these topical bleaching creams on their skin.

Bleaching soap and cream

Bleaching creams can lead to :

  • skin cancer
  • numbness
  • high blood pressure
  • sensitivity to the sun
  • kidney failure
  • irritability, thin-out skin
  • green veins
  • stretch marks
  • uneven skin tone
  • skin odor
  • white skin patches, and whitish lifeless
  • skin look impoverished.

The following can help you treat and repair your bleached skin;

Wear sunscreen or sun block

One of the skin bleaching tips to repair a damaged skin is wearing of sunscreen after discontinue usage of bleaching soaps and creams.

You should always wear sunblock before going out of your home. this will prevent sensitivity and damaged skin from free radicals.

Use natural skincare products:

Investing in natural skin care products is a very safe and best option because it is devoid of harmful chemicals that can pose a threat to skin damage.

You have to know how to use skincare products in the right way to prevent skin concerns. Learn how to use body creams and lotions effectively

Use body butter:

body butter is made of rich emollient, fats, and occlusive that can reverse the side effects from bleaching creams and help restore your skin to its original state.

Skin damage can be repaired or fixed if it is not too severe on the skin.

How to repair a bleached skin after damage

  1. Discontinue whatever is bleaching your skin.
  2. Use a carrier oil such as jojoba oil, coconut oil or Shea butter. This help to calm the skin and restore your skin originality.
  3. Eat fruits and veggies.
  4. Avoid your skin from sun exposure.
  5. Invest in collagen to regain skin elasticity.

Take collagen supplement:

As we know that bleaching creams thin out the skin with prolonged use.

Taking collagen supplements as well as the topical use of collagen creams can also firm and thicken the skin from damages caused.

Eat fruits and veggies:

you want to be beautiful and youthful, eat fruit and vegetables. this plays an important role in skin reformation and cell renewal.

 Aloe vera:

Aloe is very soothing for burns and fading of dark spots on the skin. the topical use of this soothing and smoothing gel can work wonders for your skin and repair skin damages.

Be gentle on your skin:

When the skin is damaged, this is the time to go easy, calm, and be gentle on the skin so you don’t cause more harm than good.

Detoxify to flush out built-in toxic substances:

Bleaching creams are made of steroids, so many toxins that get into your body. there is need to detoxify on a regular basis to ease out and flush them from your body.


The truth is, it is easier to damage your skin than it is to get it to fix up or repair damaged skin.

The severity of skin damaged by bleaching cream determines how fast you recover or get treated.

For mild cases, discontinue the use of bleaching creams after 15 days may reset your skin back to factory mode.

But for severe bleached skin, after discontinuing use, there is a need to start treatment to repair your damaged skin.

Some skin bleaching, damaged skin may take 6 months or more even years to get repaired. This is a gradual process if you want a fix.

Best whitening cream for face and body

Check out for cream with safe lightening ingredients that are no harmful.

Safe ingredient like bear berry, glutathione, alpha arbutin, snow white, blue berry, etc. can improve your skin complexion, inhibit melanin over a period of time with consistency.

Unsafe bleaching ingredients to avoid

I’ll be sharing with you how you can avoid bleaching creams and what you should watch out for;

Bleaching creams contain;

Every bleaching cream contains two main chemicals, hydroquinone and mercury, both are very for your skin.

Hydroquinone is a chemical used for photo processing and hair dyes. It is also used in the rubber industry as an antioxidant.

Mercury is another ingredient used for cosmetic bleaching creams.

Incredibly toxic, it can cause the skin to go grey or blue-black, rather than lighter. Mercury is carcinogenic.

According to journal of pharmacy and pharceutical science they listed some hidden killers for women bleaching their skin.

Fast action melanin inhibitors

These products both work in the short term to lighten the skin by stopping the production of melanin in your body.

The more melanin you have in your body, the darker your skin.

Bleaching completely destroys the amount of melanin in our body making it more vulnerable and make those without it more susceptible to skin cancer.

Skin repair cream

Body butter, good moisturizers, rich body oils(organic) can help recover damaged skin from skin bleaching.

Natural is the best for maintaining healthy skin and complexion.

No fear of skin cancer and all the side effects that come with bleached skin.

You can glow your skin, manage it well with safe and natural skin care products that boost your skin health and still be beautiful.





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