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Top 7 Oil cleansing method benefits

We talk about the top 7 oil cleansing method benefits for our skin. The oil cleansing has long existed even before the use of body moisturizers such as creams and lotions.

Oil has been used by man to hydrate and shine the skin as a means of skin lubricant and protection from harsh weather.

The oil cleansing method provides hydration and seals moisture into your skin, improves the overall texture of your skin, soothes,  softens, and smoothes your skin from environmental pollution and its effects on your skin.

What is the oil cleansing method?

The oil cleansing method is the use of organic oils like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and almond oil on the skin to cleanse, nourish the skin, and remove dirt glued on the skin by dissolving them and removing it from your skin.

This oil cleansing technique serves as a method for double cleansing your skin. This uses the techniques of oil dissolving oil to remove dirt, and blackheads and unclog the pores for deeper cleansing.

Oil cleansing benefits for skin


Top 7 oil cleansing method benefits on skin

The benefits you get from the oil cleansing method,The oil cleansing method for skin removes makeups, relief acne, rosacea, remoes dirts glued on pores, relief itching

skin, treat oily skin, dry skin, removes blackheads.

However, can not be overemphasized.The oil cleansing method for skin removes makeups, relief acne, rosacea, remoes dirts glued on pores, relief itching skin, treat oily skin, dry skin, removes blackheads

Importantly, You must be careful and mindful of the carrier oil you want to use because not all carrier oils are good for every skin type and especially for your face.

We have comedogenic and non-comedogenic oils. Those that clog your pores, cause a breakout, skin purge, and those that don’t clog up your pores.

The latter is what you should put into consideration if you want to do oil cleansing for your skin. Hence, you will suffer skin problems instead of enjoying the benefits of oil cleansing.

Some of the benefits of oil cleansing methods include the followings:

Oil cleansing removes makeup

Makeup of any kind leaves chemical residues on your skin from makeup stains, and colors from eye pencils, eye shadow, lipsticks, contours, and foundations. Only soap and water will not give you that thorough cleansing your face need.

Double cleansing

Double cleansing helps with the deeper cleaning of makeup from your skin. This is a gentle and mild way of makeup removal. This is done by firstly, applying oil on cotton balls to remove the makeup and secondly applying face wash to finally remove any left makeup residue from your skin.

Oil cleansing for makeup makes it very easy to rub off makeup from your skin quickly since it oil-based.

Oil cleansing for oily skin

Against the popular opinion that oily skin types should avoid any oily skincare products, this one is quite different for oily skin. Like dissolves like.

Oil cleansing for oily skin is very helpful, but you must take care when doing this. Avoid any comedogenic oil for your skin and substitute it with non-comedogenic oils as you don’t want your skin to flare up with a breakout.

During oil cleansing, your skin absorbs the oil into your pores and graciously, softens any unwanted dirt and hardens acne on your skin. This becomes easy to remove, pop up and cleanse.

Oil cleansing for dry skin.

This type of skin causes itching, discomfort, and dull-looking skin because your skin lacks hydration and a maximum supply of moisture. Only moisturized skin can stay youthful and glowing.

 Oil cleansing for dry skin is an added advantage to your skin. Because it provides extra hydration and shines your skin and improves the skin texture. This is more reason you should be doing oil cleansing often if you have dry skin.

You can also add some drops of carrier oil like olive oil, or coconut oil to your water bath before bathing, this helps a lot and gives some relief.

Oil cleansing for rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition that makes the skin look red and discolors your skin. Applying oil to rosacea can calm and soothes it and speed up the healing process over time.

Oil cleansing for the body

Oil cleansing is good for the body, this is often practiced by mothers for their babies. This serves as protection from any kind of skin irritations, calms the skin, and glows the skin. You can do oil cleansing for your body even as an adult from time to time.

Oil cleansing for blackheads

Blackheads are open comedones that have been oxidized. The blackheads on the skin give a black spotty unpleasant appearance on your skin. It is very stiff and hard to pop out if you want to extract it. This is why facial steaming is done before extraction to hydrate and soften the skin for easy popping out.

Oil cleansing can also soften blackheads for easy removal from your skin.

Oil cleansing which oil

Not every oil is good for oil cleansing.

The best oil for cleansing is jojoba and grapeseed oil. This is because they are non-comedogenic,  lightweight, and do not clog your pores when using them.

Jojoba oil has the same structure as human skin sebum.

So it doesn’t have any negative side effects when used on the skin. It has plenty of benefits for the skin.

Oil cleansing causes acne

You can only get breakout and acne when you use the wrong oil for cleansing. Do not use comedogenic oil on your face, it will cause you acne and pimples.

When to do oil cleansing method

If you have dull-looking skin and your clogs are filled with blackheads, dirt, and makeup, then it is time to do oil cleansing to remove them.

Since its primary purpose is to remove dirt and makeup, we recommend oil cleansing at night—in the morning, you can use your regular face wash.

Do I need to cleanse after oil cleansing?

Yes, oil cleansing is the first step before washing. Oil cleansing is a soft method for removing difficult and heavy makeup from the skin. So after cleansing with oil with cotton pads, you apply your face wash and rinse off.


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