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When to use body cream and body lotion

Anti aging cream for women

When to use a body cream and a body lotion depends on your preference while some prefer creams others prefers lotion for moisturizing their body.

Both body cream and body lotion are moisturizers, the former is more thicker compared to the latter. 


A good understanding of your skin type will help you in your choice of moisturizer to use.

Majority of people never care to know their skin well. I mean they don’t know where their skin type fall into. They aren’t sure if it is an oily, dry, normal, or the combination skin.

Best body lotion

Your skin type determines what’s best for you. If you have a dry skin, then a cream or a body butter  will be perfect for you. But if you are oily skin type, it is best to opt for a lighter weight moisturizer like body lotion.

Know what works for your skin type.

For Instance, Rita got a normal great skin and she is fair in complexion, her skin looks flawless and she using a body moisturizer that compliments and glows her skin so well.

If  Gift decide to invest in her kind of product because of her new amazing skin, and she jump in and buy same lotion and after a while she didn’t get same great skin like that of Rita. It possible what work for Rita is no perfect for Gift. This is because their skin type differs. 

Hey! Listen up, it’s not because the product is fake neither is it a bad product but you fail to realize that you have a different skin type that’s not like Rita’s. So, the result you get is different.

I always advise before you invest in a body cream or body lotion, It’s important you first know your skin type.

Which time is best for applying body lotion?

When to use body cream and body lotion

Moisturizers whether body cream or body lotion penetrates well, when the skin is free from dead skin cell, hence exfoliating is very important.

To seal moisture on the transepidermal, you need to make sure your body is clean and wet. The wetness will lock in moisture as soon they are applied to the skin directly.

As soon you shower, do not allow your body to dry off completely before applying your moisturizer.

When to use body cream and body lotion also depend on the season and time.

During harmattan season, the dry wind is harsh on the skin, so your skin requires more hydration to prevent dryness and cracking of your skin.

It is a time you need a more denser cream, body oil, Vaseline, any occlusive to prevent moist from escaping from your epidermis.

However, the summer season, it ‘s between warm and hot weather. You try to avoid any moisturizer that’s thicker or denser because it generates heat and you don’t want to sweat more because the weather is already hot.

This is why most people go for a light weight moisturizer like body lotions because it contain more water to oils so it kind of mild and gentle on the skin compared to creams.

Do I need lotion or cream? 

Body creams are great for dry and normal skin types.

Body lotions are great for oily and a combination skin types. If you know your skin type you should be able to choose what’s suit your skin.

How do you use body cream and body lotion?

Both should be applied on wet body, you can decide to use twice daily if you are comfortable with it.

You can use morning and night, or either ways.

But it advisable to use your body lotion and body creams morning and night for best result.

Differences between a cream and a lotion

Body cream and body lotion are types of body moisturizer while the former has a thicker consistency, the latter has a thinner consistency.

Cream contain less water to oil, this is why it is very thick, rich in occlusive and makes an excellent moisturizer for dry skin and normal skin type.

The latter has a lighter feel on the skin. It contain more water to oil, and very great for oily and combination skin type.


There is difference between a body and face moisturizer.

Many persons don’t actually know it not good to apply a body cream or body lotion on the face. You need to get a face cream or lotion that suits you.

Body moisturizer may contain comedogenic oils that may clog your pores but a face moisturizer are more carefully formulated to avoid anything that can clog your pores.

Ingredient composition differs too, we have actives that may be too strong for the face since the skin around the face is thinner compared to other parts of the body.

It is therefore not okay to apply your body moisturizer on your face except it clearly written on the jar that it is a face and body moisturizer else do not use on the face.

I advised you get both moisturizer for both your face and body.

You must ensure that you invest in good moisturizers from a good and trusted brands to prevent skin damage. 

Your skin health is a must. I know not everyone is a fan of moisturizers.

There are persons who do not like creams and lotions at all.

For such persons, you can make do of body oil to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. 

The followings are ways to use moisturizers effectively;

  1. Always apply your creams and lotion on damp skin, not on dry skin.
  2. Exfoliate twice weekly to enable easy penetration of your cream and lotions to work effectively.
  3. Use lightening or whitening creams and lotion at night. 
  4. Avoid too much use of promix creams and lotion on the body at the same time or almost the same time. 
  5. Avoid expiring skincare products.
  6. Do not use harsh creams and lotions on the skin to prevent skin damages. It is easy to damage the skin but not so easy to repair damaged skin.
  7. Most women face skin challenges especially getting the right body moisturizers for their skin. Ranging from creams, lotions, Make sure you purchase creams and lotion that matches your skin type.

When we use body moisturizer wrongly, it could make it not to be  effective on your skin.

If your skin is clogged with dead cells then exfoliating is the best thing to do.

There is a need to detoxify your body from the inside, so it is easy for you to glow from the inside out.

A healthy body is also a reflection on the skin.

This is why a skincare regimen is vital and comes with good visible positive results over time with consistency. 

The followings are necessary for flawless radiant skin.


 Not exfoliating regularly at least exfoliate, I mean scrub your face and body twice or thrice a week.

 This is a good practice to sheds off accumulations of dead cells on your skin.

Exfoliation opens the skin pores to allow penetration of your skincare products.


Make sure you apply your skincare products correctly. Try seal up moisture after bathing immediately. 

Don’t mop up all the water from your skin after bathing, leaving some water on your skin allows the cream to absorb better.


Too much exposure to the sun’s rays puts a lot of strain on the skin.

Make sure your cream has an adequate sun protection factor(SPF) of at least 15. 

A good cream or lotion should have screen protection factor but if yours don’t have, It advisable you apply only at night or at evening time, so you don’t get burned.


Eating right (fruits and vegetables and staying away from unnatural sugar) boosts your skin’s radiance from within. Oranges and apples especially are loaded with powerful and natural antioxidants that help prevent your skin’s collagen from breaking down.


Creams that boast of ‘instant results’ usually have harsh chemical components.

It usually takes time for your skin to adjust and respond to the products.

Try more natural-based products instead and stop changing creams constantly.


Please for your face try to use lukewarm water instead of cold water. It helps to keep your skin’s protective layer from being stripped away.

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