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Whiteheads on nose can be difficult if you don’t know how to remove them. It is one type of acne found on the face.

There are simple technique to remove them, you can be remove by extraction, facial steaming, BHAs, or pore strips and clay mask.

Comedone with close ends that are embeded inside your pores forms this type of acne.

 Commonly found in the T-zone of the face like your aeras on your nose, chin, forehead, and sometimes on the cheeks.

Acne prone skin type

An acne-prone skin type is often seen with whiteheads. because your skin produces sebum, and traps underneath your skin which reacts with bacterias to form acne, whiteheads, papule, blackheads, cyst.

The acne skin types are prone to frequent break out beacause of their oily skin.

Some have one or more types of acne saturated around their face.

Causes of whiteheads on the nose

  •  Sugary foods
  •  Dietary foods 
  •  Stress
  •  Hormonal imbalance
  •  Puberty
  •  Menses
  •  Menopause
  •  Genetic
  •  Makeup
  •  Comedogenic products
  •  Poor skincare routine.

What does whiteheads look likes?

They are whittish fatty substances that has an offensive smell. Some appear white or off-white in color. It looks like tiny short strands when extracted from your skin.

Whiteheads removal

This can be extracted professionally by an esthestician or by you. However, you need to take caution so you don’t cause more harm to your skin.

Steaming: when you steam your face, it softens and attracts moisture into your pores. This helps to extract whiteheads and blackheads from nose easily without exerting too much pressure.

Exfoliation: after steaming, you can begin exfoliating almost immediately. What this does is that it helps you remove dead skin cells and those visible whiteheads  from nose.

Pore strips: These are paper like form whiteheads and blackheads removal applied to the affected areas to get them magneted to the strips. It very good for removing from the on nose.

Benzoyl peroxide: this is a very effective formula for acne products and works for any acne type removal.

Salicylic acid: A BHA chemical exfoliant help removes dead skin cell and penetrates deeper into your pores to get rid of acne, pimples , blackheads and whiteheads

Clay Mask: facial mask either clay or mud help to detoxify your pores and reduces the appearance of whiteheads as it unclog them.

How to remove whiteheads from nose

A smple home remedy to remove them is; Firstly,  steaming your face to soften and open up your pores, secondly, exfoliating gently to remove them. You can use salicylic serum or benzoyl peroxide to get rid of whiteheads.

 The mostly affected part is the nose and chin.

It is very fragile so you need to be gentle while removing whiteheads from them.

Let lookout for effective home remedies that have been tested over time and have worked for whiteheads removal.

Whiteheads Removal


Soda bicarbonate:

since  it is an alkaline substance often used for cooking and baking. It is very potent for removing whiteheads instantly on your nose.

The exfoliating property of soda bicarbonate scrub your skin clean. Before you can scrub with it, you need to wash your face.

Here is how to make your facial scrub with soda bicarbonate. Firstly you have to  mix some amount of soda bicarbonate with small quantity of water to form a paste. Secondly,  scrub  your nose in a circular motion around the affected area and finally, wash off.

You feel that silky feel on your skin and your skin looks cleaner than before.


sugar scrubs also work for whiteheads. Just scrub youf nose and rinse off.

Organic honey:

You can scoop some raw honey on nose necause it inflammortory and anti bacterial, it reduces the appearance of whiteheads and prevent them.

Lemon juice:

This is a natural source of citric acid a type of alpha hydroxyl acid that work great for oily skin and any form of acne. The antibacterial property reduces over  secretion of sebum while minimizing breakout. 


cut the tomato into two halves add some some sugar to it and scrub where you have the whiteheads. The astrigent property will help tightens your enlarged pores and kill acne-causing bacteria on your skin.

Apple Cider Vineger:

Mix one part Apple cider vinegar to three part water and use as a face cleanser to deep clean your pores. This works very well.

Activated Charcoal Clay Mask

The detoxifying property helps draws out specks of dirt,  trapped oil, and impurities from your pores. This reduces their appearance on the nose. Clay mask are good remedy for detoxifying, clarifying and decongesting of pores. You can buy here.


You can take some neem powder, add water to form a paste, and mask areas you have the affected areas.

Aloe vera:

This natural oiless moisturizer is great for treating any form of acne. Apply the gel on the face and see the magic.  

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